Download GoToAssist to allow Remote Control

If you would like one of our technicians to connect remotely and assist you, we need to install our support tool. This allows us, with your permission to control your keyboard and mouse and fix your problems over the internet!

Please Note: We can only control your computer with your permission, the software requires you to accept the incoming request before we have access!

Download & Run GoToAssist

1) Give us a call on +44(0) 1473 728811

2) Click the Download button as instructed on the phone.

3) Choose to "RUN" the file, see below for examples of how this looks.

4) Accept any prompts from Windows, we want to run this file!

5) You will see a message asking to allow remote access, Click accept!

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Internet Explorer

When you click the Download button, Internet Explorer will open a new tab. Internet Explorer will then prompt you if you would like to 'Run' or 'Save', click RUN and accept any security prompts. This is 100% safe & secure, provided by Easy PC 🙂

Google Chrome

When you click the Download button in Google Chrome, it will open in a new tab. Like Internet Explorer you will see the file download towards the bottom of the page. Click the file as shown in the examples below to start the process!